Office Coffee Bundle - Starter

previously $360.99

Your clients spend several thousand dollars worth on commissions and products with you, yet you still serve them a cup of coffee out of a paper or Styrofoam cups. Make yourself stand out from your competition by how you treat your customers.  Making your customer feel special doesn't have to cost a lot of money and pays itself off in short order with that one extra customer that feels special compared to every other salesman out there.

That is why we have created this great bundle to make your customers feel special.  This bundle includes:

  • 2 Single Serve French Presses
  • 1 Press Timer
  • 1 Matching Sugar/Creamer Set
  • 1 Tray
  • 1 Tea Maker
  • 1 Electric Hot Water Kettle
  • 1LB Coffee
  • 1/2LB Green Tea

Set yourself apart!

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