Single Origin Coffees

Coffee is like wine.   It takes on the characteristics of the Terroir in which it is grown.  Understand exactly where your coffee is coming from, not some nameless blend from a large corporate roaster.  We carry coffees from all over, including Africa, America, the Islands and even Hawaii.  Try our farm specific and small batch coffees today!

Bali Paradise Valley Coffee
Brazil Santos Coffee
Costa Rica Reserve Coffee
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee
Guatemala Antigua Coffee
Honduras Silver Hills Coffee
Java Dutch Estate Coffee
Kenya AA Coffee
Mexico Spirit of the Aztec Coffee
Organic Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Coffee
Organic Guatemala Santiago Atitlan Coffee
Organic Mesa De Los Santos Fair Trade and Shade Grown Coffee
Organic Sumatra Black Satin Coffee
Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Coffee
Sumatra Black Satin Coffee
Tanzanian Peaberry
Papa New Guinea Coffee
Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee
Ethiopia Longberry Coffee
Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee
Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee
Ethiopia Sidamo Organic Fair Trade Coffee
Organic Timor Fair Trade Coffee
Organic Honduras Finca Santa Maria Coffee
Organic Nicaragua Ceocafen Fair Trade Coffee
Panama Boquete
Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
Decaf Sumatra Mandheling Coffee