Coffee for Fundraising

Every organization needs to raise funds from time to time.  Whether it be a school raising funds for teams or scholarships, a charity raising funds for its endowment, or even being able to do a simple fundraiser.  Coffee is the perfect thing to sell and raise funds for your organization.

Why Coffee?

Girl scouts have their cookies, and schools have their chocolates, but as the American consumer becomes more health conscious, we are buying less of those sweets.  Almost everyone drinks either coffee or tea in the morning.  On top of that gourmet, custom roasted coffee is being more and more popular amongst consumers.

How you benefit?

The great thing about coffee, is you can order it after you have presold it.  We can work with you in many ways either delivering coffee to you to sell, or taking orders and having the coffee shipped directly to the customer.  Either way, you get a custom labeled coffee, roasted to order for your customers.  Not only that, but you can have coffee delivered year round.

Why us?

Not only do we provide organic and fair trade coffees, but we have access to coffees others don't.  Specifially, coffees from Hawaii.  Many micro roasters don't sell Hawaiian coffees due to the strict export regulations on green beans and cost of shipping.  Due to our location and relationship with farmers, we can provide access to Big Island and Maui coffees.  Give a taste of the islands to those that support you.  Contact us today so we can get you started today!