White Chocolate Covered Cherries Flavored Coffee

$15.99 - $16.99
The tangy flavor of ripe maraschino cherries and the richness of smooth, white chocolate make this coffee a treat you'll come back to again and again! Nothing is quite like White Chocolate Covered Cherries.

Even just the thought of White Chocolate Covered Cherries is enough to get mouths watering. Maraschino cherries are a part of many great desserts and many dessert accompaniments, and for good reason; they are simply delicious! White chocolate possesses the same great ability to accentuate any sweet treat. Now this White Chocolate Covered Cherries taste can be yours!

The word maraschino refers to the Marasca cherry and Maraschino liqueur made from it. In the beginning, they were reserved for royalty and the wealthy only. They came to the US in the late 19th century where you could find them in fine bars and restaurants. Today, Maraschino cherries garnish banana splits, Shirley Temple drinks, cakes, pastries, parfaits, milkshakes, ice cream sodas, you name it.

Our White Chocolate Covered Cherries coffee flavor can be yours to savor. As English poet Robert Browning once said, "That last cherry soothes a roughness of my palate." Let each sip of this splendid flavored coffee do the same for you; after all, we believe you certainly deserve the VIP treatment!
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