Unroasted Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee Bean

$52.00 - $100.00

Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

For those of you looking to roast at home, take a look at our green, unroasted coffee beans. Whether you are a an experienced roaster or just starting out, take a look at our bulk green coffee beans. 

Bali "Blue Moon" Organic Coffee

Indonesia, where Bali is located sits in the natural sweet zone for coffee production. Bali lays about 8 degrees south of the equator and is one of the largest coffee exporters. Despite being part of an island chain, Bali is one of the largest coffee exporters in the world. 

The Bean

These shade grown, wet processed beans come from the Kintamani Highland Region. Since no pesticides are allowed and all fertilizers are organic, you can be sure its free of harmful chemicals. This coffee is also Rainforest Alliance Certified so you can be sure, you are not harming the environment when you buy this coffee.


A typical island coffee, this organic coffee provides a smooth body with strong chocolatey overtones and hints of syrup and vanilla. 

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