Toasted Chestnut Flavored Coffee

$15.99 - $16.99
Toasted Chestnut flavored coffee smells and tastes like fresh chestnuts, roasted and served hot, right in your cup.

Imagine strolling along the sidewalks in New York and hearing street vendors selling hot, roasted chestnuts that you could enjoy while you shopped. In the early 1900s, that's how it was. Street vendors made a living off chestnuts, selling a warm bag for as little as five cents. The pace of life was nice and easy.

Take some time to appreciate the slow pace of life. While it may be hard to do today, it isn't impossible. With the help of our Toasted Chestnut Flavored Coffee, you can unwind and relax with ease as you sip and savor.

In the Pittsfield Massachusetts newspaper on Sunday, September 22, 1870, Henry Ward Beecher, an American poet and abolitionist, wrote "Nature was in a good mood when the chestnut tree came forth." Chestnuts were probably one of the first foods eaten by man, as it dates back to prehistoric times. Throughout history, chestnuts have conjured symbolic meanings. In Japan, chestnuts symbolize success and hard times. In New York, chestnuts symbolize mastery and strength. Chestnuts symbolized chastity to the early Christians. Let this flavored coffee symbolize ease and good fortune for you!

Here at Toy Dog Coffee, we believe making every coffee cup as flavorful as possible. With our Toasted Chestnut Flavored Coffee, you are sure to find that scrumptious, chestnutty taste that will take you back to a slower, simpler time.
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