Cinnamon Viennese Flavored Coffee

$15.99 - $16.99
A Viennese specialty! With this Cinnamon Viennese coffee brew, we recreated the full-bodied flavors of dark roasted Viennese coffee without the added fat of heavy cream and rich chocolates. As an unexpected surprise, we removed the bitterness of Viennese coffee and added a touch of cinnamon to give this coffee blend that special taste it is so popular for. 

Imagine yourself in a café that is lit by the soft golden glows of glass chandeliers and the natural light from tall windows. As you sip this warm intense coffee, you gaze at the little islands of wooden tables filled with friends, colleges, or lovers all taking part in the Viennese coffee ritual. This is a typical image of a Viennese café that we hope to evoke when you take a delicious sip of our Cinnamon Viennese flavored coffee.

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