Chocolate Almond Flavored Coffee

$15.99 - $16.99
Chocolate and almonds have traveled far and wide and from different areas of the world throughout history. Here at Toy Dog Coffee, these flavors meet to give you a classic yet irresistible taste of chocolate flavored coffee and with the essence of freshly roasted almonds. This will be like gourmet candy in a cup! So take a sip without the guilt of a chocolate candy bar.

Almonds are actually seeds from a type of fruit called drupe. This seed was originally found north of the Indian subcontinent and all the way to Israel, Syria, and Turkey. Travelers in ancient times have transferred these seeds along the shores of the Mediterranean to northern Africa and southern Europe. Currently, these seeds have been passed on to California. It is interesting to note that wild forms of almonds are poisonous, however, and lucky for us, the domesticated variety is perfectly fine. We capture the essence of almonds perfectly in this cup.

Chocolate is created from the seeds of cacao trees. It was originated in the vibrant tropical rainforest of the Americas. The Mayas and Aztecs mixed these ground up seeds with many types of seasonings to make a spicy and frothy drink. With its increasing popularity in Mexico and Central America, the Spanish conquistadors transported these seeds back to Spain. It eventually spread all over Europe and is now one of the world's most favorite flavors. The ever-popular aroma of chocolate is the main attraction in this brew.

Both chocolate and almonds have been enjoyed around the world, so our flavored coffee list just wouldn't be complete without them! Bring the distances of the world between these two popular flavors together in your coffee cup every morning, noon, and night! Let the sweet and smoky aroma of chocolate and almond flavored coffee entice you!

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