Unroasted Ethipia Sidamo Organic Coffee Bean

$67.00 - $125.00

Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

For those of you looking to roast at home, take a look at our green, unroasted coffee beans. Whether you are a an experienced roaster or just starting out, take a look at our bulk green coffee beans.

Ethiopia "Sidamo" Organic Fair Trade Coffee

It is highly likely that coffee was discovered in this region. The Province of Sidamo is situated in the Ethiopian highlands. It was named after an ethnic group native to the area called the Sidama. 

The Bean

Grown at elevations between 4,600 and 7.200 feet above see level, these beans are small and gray before roasting. 


A very clean tasting coffee you will find these to had a milk spiciness, a wine like essence and a floral aroma. The finish is subtle sweetness that makes it a joy to drink. 

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