Unroasted Brazil Santos Coffee Bean

$46.00 - $90.00

Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

For those of you looking to roast at home, take a look at our green, unroasted coffee beans. Whether you are a an experienced roaster or just starting out, take a look at our bulk green coffee beans.

Brazil Santos Coffee

As a world leader in coffee production, over two thirds of Brazil’s coffee farms  are less than 10 acres.  Brazil’s hot humid climate lends itself the perfect place to grow coffee.  While grown at lower altitudes, this produces a less acidic bean.  Almost hard to believe that coffee is not native to Brazil.

The Bean

Coffee from Brazil distinguishes itself from others by its sweetness which comes from the dry (natural) method of processing its beans.  When coffee is dried in the fruit, the sweetness carries over to the brewed coffee.  While it takes longer, dry processing showcases the qualities of the bean.

The Taste

Because of the climate and process method, this coffee will be heavy sweet and complex.  Because of the lower growing altitude, less acidity and more caffeine, especially if roasted lighter.

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