Organic Sumatra Black Satin Coffee


Sumatra Black Satin Fair Trade Coffee

Derived from one of our most popular gourmet coffees, Sumatra 'Black Satin', we now offer this coffee as a certified organic coffee! You'll notice a similar flavor with low-key acidity in a heavy, syrupy body. This gourmet coffee is widely known for its full-bodied texture, mild earthy notes, and deep-toned coffee aroma. It is low in acidity with a slight black pepper finish.

This Organic Sumatra Black Satin roast coffee is a delicious indulgence that will prove itself in the very first cup. This coffee will be shipped freshly roasted in a sealed valve bag to bring you optimal aroma and flavor. For hundreds of years, Sumatran coffee has been proving its potential cup after cup; isn't it time you tried it?

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