Honduras Silver Hills Coffee


Honduras Silver Hills Coffee

Honduras 'Silver Hills' coffee is cultivated and imported directly from Central America as one of the best coffees of the region. High-grown near the capital city of Tegucigalpa, meaning 'Silver Hill,' this gourmet coffee has come a long way since its first appearance in the United States' market. In earlier years of production, Honduran coffee was not given the ample attention that it receives now. With higher standards and competition, this coffee has become one of Honduras' major exports, bringing you gourmet Silver Hills.

This region of Central America has dedicated 20% of its suitable landmass to produce this particular coffee, which is high-grown above 4,500 feet in the mountainous region, or Silver Hills of Honduras. It has been given the Strictly High-Grown label, meaning it is much more dense and flavorful. The rich soils, high altitudes, and moderate climate provide a great environment for growth, cultivation, and harvesting of these coffee beans.

The Silver Hills coffee plant produces ample amounts of fruit that are high-quality and require special care. Given higher standards and education, Honduran coffee farmers have learned to care for the coffee plants, thus providing better coffee.


Honduran 'Silver Hills' Coffee is mild with subtle undertones of nuts and honey, which gives it a lightly sweet taste and smooth texture. This medium-roasted 'Silver Hills' coffee also possesses a various flavor profile, including slight notes of tamarind fruit or lemony zest, nutty almond, coconut, and chocolate. Each cup is well-balanced with excellent taste and fragrance, as well as a light finish.

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