Organic Guatemala Santiago Atitlan Coffee


Guatemala Santiago Atitlan Fair Trade Coffee

This estate sits on Lake Atitlan in the most picturesque area of Guatemala. It is surrounded by mountains and three volcanoes. You will delight in a more complex acidity, medium to heavy body, and an enchanting aroma with our Santiago Atitlan Coffee.

There are 300 farmers in the Atitlan area that have been certified as organic. Guatemalan coffee is mainly harvested in the volcanic region where there is ample precipitation. There isn't a month when Atitlan has less than 50 mm of rain. Most of the coffee producers in this region use water from the lake for wet processing. Because the coffee is certified organic, no chemicals or pesticides are used. Furthermore, organic matter is frequently used as a fertilizer. The high altitude that this coffee is grown aids in the prevention of pests and disease. Drying of the coffee beans takes place almost entirely the way nature intended, in the sun.

The coffee farmers at Atitlan are growing their coffee while improving their relationship with the lakes natural resources. They ended the use of pesticides, augment the soil with leaves and compost, and avert soil erosion. Atitlan Coffee is grown under the shade of the trees, and even more trees have been planted since some of the area was deforested 25 years ago.

Atitlan is located within Guatemala's most biologically diverse region, yet only the tops of Atitlan's volcanoes have forest cover. Shade coffee is the closest thing to forest in many areas around the lake. Studies have shown that shade coffee farms can hold almost as much biodiversity as the nearby forests. The coffee forests at Atitlan cover more than half of the volcanoes.

Our organic and environmentally friendly produced Santiago Atitlan Coffee is one of the most distinctively flavored coffees in the world. This coffee is hard to surpass, so relish in its uniquely fine and pleasing taste.

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