Decaf Costa Rica Reserve Coffee


Costa Rica Reserve

There is a revolution happening in the Costa Rica coffee region and it has encouraged more and more farmers to work small coffee mills, called micro-mills, as opposed to the larger plantations. Given the opportunity to mill it them selves and to have absolute authority of the process has also given these coffee artisans the freedom to produce some of the best-flavored beans yet.

Costa Rica Reserve beans are strictly hard bean, SHB, meaning that they are grown at altitudes over 3900 feet. The high altitude slows the maturity of the bean, keeping it denser and locking the rich flavor inside. SHB beans are the finest that Cost Rica has to offer.


Could there possibly be such a thing as a coffee that is too perfect? This Costa Rica cup evokes comments such as "classic cup," "perfectly balanced," and "exceptionally clean." Professional tasters call it "Perfect, not boring or bland". You'll find this to be a "bright" coffee, high in acidity, medium in body, wonderfully aromatic. There is something to be said for bringing it full circle and celebrating a cup rich in its own flavor.

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