Unroasted Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee Beans

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Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

For those of you looking to roast at home, take a look at our green, unroasted coffee beans. Whether you are a an experienced roaster or just starting out, take a look at our bulk green coffee beans.

Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee

Sulawesi is an island in Indonesia situated between Borneo and the Maluka Islands. Most of the coffee produced comes from an area called Tana Toraja in the South of Sulawesi. The soils have a high iron content that provide a unique flavor of the coffee.

The Beans

Geographically older than its island cousins, Sulawesi has many of the characteristics of Sumatran coffee. Sulawesi farmers also use a unique process called Giling Basah which is a wet hulling process.

The Taste

You want to roast this coffee at a light medium coffee to highlight its full body. Very smooth with a light acidity, you will notice cinnamon and spice on the aftertaste.

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