Frangelica Cream Flavored Coffee

$15.99 - $16.99
Frangelica Cream flavored coffee is a profusion of intense flavors of toasted wild hazelnut, vanilla, and cacao sweetened with sugar and cream with a splash of alcohol flavoring and various Italian herbs. All these flavors are then intermingled with our 100% Arabica premium coffee. Its compelling aroma will engulf you with its exotic and complex fragrance.

Frangelica or Frangelico is a hazelnut and herb-flavored liqueur that is often produced in Canale, Italy. According to a manufacturer in Italy, the name of this drink comes from a legend about a hermit monk named Fra. He was known to have had a love for nature and thus combined wild hazelnuts and the infusion of vanilla berries, cocoa, and sweet orange flowers to create an enchanting liqueur.

Frangelica is usually aged in oak to obtain an even more complex flavor and to develop its final golden color. Now the essence of Frangelica liqueur is captured in our most entrancing coffee blend.

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