Banana Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

$15.99 - $16.99

Flavored coffee is a huge industry and it has an impressive amount of faithful customers who know and love their flavored coffee. Banana Hazelnut is one of the more popular sellers because of its burst of banana flavor with the gentle essence of Hazelnut extract. The aroma of this coffee is warm and inviting.

No doubt this flavor got its origin from Frangelico liqueur from Canale, Italy. It was there, over 300 years ago, that a Christian Monk experimented with unique recipes for liquors using nuts, vanilla, and berries. Now, you can experience that same aromatic blend that has been infused right into your gourmet coffee bean.

Hazelnut oils have been extracted fresh from the nut to bring you the most natural flavor possible. Only the top-grade bananas have been picked to be used in our banana hazelnut extract to bring you a taste that will be sure to win you over. These flavor extracts are applied immediately after roasting and then the package is shipped directly to you for locked-in freshness.

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