Panama Taylor Estate Coffee


Panama 'Taylor Estate' Coffee

While known for its canal, Panama also grows some terrific coffee as well. Situated between the Caldera River to the east and the Baru Volcano to the west, Taylor Estate grows their coffees under the shade of old growth trees.  Know your coffee is coming from one of the most Bio-diverse regions on the planet, with shade trees providing a place for the variety of birds in the region.

The Beans

These beans are grown in rich volcanic soil, high on the mountain. The higher elevation, with its evening cloud cover provide for a slower growing full flavored bean with more acidity then what you find in central and south America.

The Taste

With less body then other coffees in the region, this coffee has a slightly brighter taste and an earthier tone accented by the light medium roast. As always, our coffee is not roasted till you place your order.

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