Organic Nicaragua Negra Selva Shade Grown Coffee


Organic Nicaragua Negra Selva Shade Grown Coffee

The La Hammonia Farm, the growers of Selva Negra Estate Coffee is located in the highlands of the Matagalpa, Nicaragua.  A medium sized farm practicing sustainable agriculture, the estate also grows flowers and raises live stock.  Because of the size of the farm, they are unable to particiupate in Fair Trade programs but makes every effort to provide fair pay and benefits to its workers including Housing, Schooling and an onsite clinic.  The farm is bird friendly, Rainforest Alliance certified and organically grown

About the Beans

Picked by hand, they are depulped and washed using pure Andes Glacier Melt Water, sun dried on wooden tops and then selected by Aymara India food graders called Palliris.  Like other coffees of Bolivia, it has to travel the "Death Road" to the commercial center of La Paz over 12,000 foot peaks.  The coffee many times picks up the chocolate flavors that is one of Bolivia's largest exports. 

Organic, Fair Trade and Bird Friendly

These beans are certified Organic and Rain Forest Certified.  While the Estate creates fair trade conditions, as a medium sized farm is unable to participate in the Fair Trade program.


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